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GastroFan posted...
You can see all the pokemon in the Unova dex but, in order to get the permit, you have to CATCH all the pokemon in the Unova dex. I found that out the hard way when I showed Professor Juniper my pokedex in Nuuvema Town. I had 299 seen but she wouldn't give me the permit for Nature Preserve until I had caught all the Unova pokemon which included Tepig (neither Hugh nor I had one, sadly enough).

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If all you needed was Tepig, you would have had both an Emboar and a Ditto.
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Just some more info:

You do see the middle evolution of the starter neither you or Hugh chose if you battle every single trainer in the game.
You also see Delcatty/Lopunny as well as Braviary/Mandibuzz.

Of course the trick is to actually get those...
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