So you made a deal to be immortal...

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User Info: Unknown Lore

Unknown Lore
4 years ago#61

I question your sexual orientation.

User Info: kdiz4321

4 years ago#62
Me and my immortal Registeel. I think we could probably take over the world.
I am not an early adopter. If your system is as awesome as you say it is, it will still be in stores when the games I want are out.

User Info: MizYin

4 years ago#63
Armaldo, hell yesssss.

User Info: ybro845

4 years ago#64
Spinda. This is interesting....
"The extra "h" is for HAMAZING!" - Thanatos, Kid Icarus: Uprising
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User Info: WeaponHunterX

4 years ago#65
Ninetails. Woulda prefered Arcanine but I'm not complaining
"You have caused me pain...... I. Do. Not. Like that.- Rando

User Info: Gattsu_XI

4 years ago#66


User Info: 16leebr

4 years ago#67
Elgyem. YAAAY
"The strong one doesnt win. The one that wins is strong."

User Info: blakenick

4 years ago#68
Wynaut... crap... Can I try again?
It's common courtesy for a lady to swallow
If you lived here, you'd be pwned by now

User Info: The_Only_Human

4 years ago#69
Articuno. I am perfectly fine with this.
Gamertag: xxsavagedeathxx

User Info: AGmetaknight

4 years ago#70
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  3. So you made a deal to be immortal...

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