You must dissect a Pokemon for science class

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User Info: ChaltierX

4 years ago#81
Rayquaza. Will it even fit in the room?

User Info: OnePlus1Equals1

4 years ago#82
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#83
Ultrachao posted...

Oh that's just great.
Can someone hold onto my soul for a little while?

I'll put it next to my ensouled Yugioh cards for safe keeping.

I got Munna. I'm guessing that I'd use a scalpel to make an incision first. Probably not much different from dissecting a fetal pig. Too bad I was too squeamish to disect the fetal pig in high school.
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User Info: Kirby321

4 years ago#84
Lopunny o_o
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User Info: Curium

4 years ago#85

User Info: 16leebr

4 years ago#86
Scizor.... this could be difficult.... steel skin....
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User Info: YoungGganon

4 years ago#87
What is a Yamask, and how do I cut it open?


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User Info: Zabie_W

4 years ago#88
Reshiram, that...would be akward. For the sake of science I'll kill a 1 of a kind specimen?
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User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

4 years ago#90

ill use a scyther...
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