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You must dissect a Pokemon for science class

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3 years ago#91
I'd be wondering why I'm in fourth form again.
"Obviously it was the most epic bubble hearth of all time."
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3 years ago#92
Ralts, huh? Shouldn't be much different than all the other baby dissections I've been doing. Guess I'll need some power tools to get through the helmet.

- Ralt's helmet is a direct extension of its skull and its brain matter lies directly beneath. The helmet is raised so the brain can
absorb oxygen directly from the air enhancing its psychic powers. It also has no eyes.

- The flaps of skin coming off of ralt's "legs" are actually its true legs. During pregnancy Gardevoir contract their uterus in order to break the lower legs of their infants. This prevents them from running off into danger at birth. At evolution the broken appendages break open to allow Kirlia's adaptive and muscular intestinal track to take the form of legs.

3 years ago#93

*separates them into 2 groups of 3*

There. Done.
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3 years ago#94

Let's see what makes this sucker fly!



She loves me, she loves me not...
3 years ago#95
how do I dissect a Klinkklang 0.o
oh noes 0.o
3 years ago#96
Combee, perfect! I never liked that pokemon.
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3 years ago#97
I don't even know where to begin.. Or if this is even a good idea..
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3 years ago#98
Magnemite. Sounds simple enough, actually.
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3 years ago#99
I got Magikarp, lol. Just like gutting a fish.
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3 years ago#100

step 1: keep away from the tail
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