Who was your first lv. 100?

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User Info: AuroraUltima

4 years ago#141
Venusaur with rare candy Missingno glitch.
Scizor legit.
Espeon with EV training.
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User Info: Galbrant

4 years ago#142
Mewtwo Red.
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User Info: -Zeke-

4 years ago#143
snacktimeguy posted...
Hi! My name is Zeke, here's my 3DS code:1118-1052-2607 (PM me if you add me)
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User Info: FlufyW0lf3y

4 years ago#144
Kyogre in firered
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User Info: choicespec

4 years ago#145
Milotic in Sapphire

I wanted that pokemon for my first run through party even before the game was released. The game must have heard me, I found Feebas in the first or second spot I fished. It's close to a secret base.

Ah, it's so long ago but the Feebas line is still special to me.

User Info: LostSoulCalibur

4 years ago#146
Vaporeon in Yellow.
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User Info: Ivan_Croft

4 years ago#147
Pikachu on Yellow version. Though Blue was my first game I never bothered with the grind there.
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User Info: GlitterGuns

4 years ago#148
Jynx in my brother's Red. He scolded me for training her to 100, but I didn't care!

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User Info: alobblob

4 years ago#149
Rayquaza, Ruby.
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User Info: niklnip

4 years ago#150
Flygon- Emerald

I still have him ;w; It's been at least five years
Honhonhon~! It's good to be French lD
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