Who was your first lv. 100?

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3 years ago#61
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3 years ago#62
Preeeeeetty sure Charizard

Though it could be mewtwo too
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3 years ago#63
DaHolyMan666 posted...
Pikachu -Pokemon Yellow

I think it was this
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3 years ago#64
Kyogre- Pokemon Sapphire, 2003. My first game and my all time favorite.

I wish I still had him, he had a Modest Nature and 31 Sp Attack IVs....
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3 years ago#65
Togekiss, from soulsilver
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3 years ago#66
Gyarados. Red
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3 years ago#67
Not counting infinite rare candies from Missingno, it was Typhlosion.
3 years ago#68
DaHolyMan666 posted...
Pikachu -Pokemon Yellow
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3 years ago#69
Torterra, pearl, took me 5 months
3 years ago#70
Empoleon on diamond
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