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What was your first legitimate shiny?

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3 years ago#131
Cacnea on Emerald.

Fear the golden cactus.
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3 years ago#132
That gyarados in the original gold and silver...
3 years ago#133
Shiny Wooper in Diamond & Pearl's Great Marsh (so lucky). It eventually evolved into Quagsire.
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3 years ago#134
Other then Red Gyrados , a caterpie in Crystal.
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3 years ago#135
Green Weedle in Bug Catching Contest in Silver version. And I got third place with it.
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3 years ago#136
Shiny Clefairy in Diamond.
3 years ago#137
Pikachu in Viridian Forest in Fire Red

I was floored

the only two others I got were a Roselia in Pearl (modest!!!!!) and a Golett hatched using the Masuda Method in White (rash with klutz.... ugh!)
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3 years ago#138
A brave cherubi in platinum IIRC. I still have it on my b/w2.
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3 years ago#139
Found: Sableye in Emerald
Caught: Tentacool in Emerald

Aside from chaining, it's the only time I found 2 shinies in one game.
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3 years ago#140
Mine was a shiny Abra while I was searching for Abras with different natures for synchronize purposes.
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