What was your first legitimate shiny?

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4 years ago#51
I... don't think I've ever found any besides that Red Gyarados way back when lol...
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4 years ago#52
Pidgeotto in Heart Gold
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4 years ago#53
A shiny Numel in Sapphire, but lost the file later.
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4 years ago#54
Not counting Red Gyarados in G/S, I caught a Shiny Gligar and had no idea it was shiny for the longest time. Just left it in the box.

In fairness to me, in Gen II it was kind of hard to tell the difference between a shiny and non-shiny Gligar. They didn't get more distinctively blue in coloration until Gen III.
4 years ago#55
Shiny Zigzagoon. It didn't look too special, but i knew something was up with it when it sparkled. Sadly, i don't have it anymore
4 years ago#56
Black 2: Pidove
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4 years ago#57
Shiny Jigglypuff in SoulSilver- fled :(
Shiny Frillish in White 2- caught it! :)
4 years ago#58
Bluelynx87 posted...
adismaltheft posted...
Blue Ditto brought to Silver from Yellow version.

how did you know it was shiny before trading since shinys didnt exist until gen 2?

He probably transferred it not knowing it would be shiny.
4 years ago#59
Shiny Beldum in Ruby
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4 years ago#60
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