What was your first legitimate shiny?

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4 years ago#71
My first shiny was a pink Zubat in Silver! I was like... Holy guacamole! That Zubat has to be mine!

I almost killed it. Lol. I maxed him out until Lvl. 100 Crobat and name it Mach. I had fun times with him, until my save battery died... :(

R.I.P. Mach T________T
4 years ago#72
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4 years ago#73
Zubat from Diamond. Yeah.

Also, my sister's first legit shiny was a Gyarados from Diamond. Nobody believes her though. Actually kinda sucks to find a legit shiny Gyarados that wasn't from the scripted event in HG/SS.
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4 years ago#74
An adamant Mudkip from Sapphire that I soft-reseted to get. I still use it on the later games.
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4 years ago#75

*runs away sobbing*
4 years ago#76
Not counting the Red Gyarados, my first shiny was a Lunatone in Sapphire.
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4 years ago#77
Shiny Donphan and poliwag in Silver
Blue Electtike in Emerald
2 green Zubats, both in Platinum and got them 15 minutes apart.
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4 years ago#78
A Golbat in victory road back in gold version years and years ago......

Since then I've seen a Tentacool(Ruby), Zubat (Fire Red), Solrock (White), and my favorite random shiny, a Mareep 20 minutes into White 2 in Flocessy Ranch (it was jolly but I loved it anyway...beat the game with it).
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4 years ago#79
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4 years ago#80
Ponyta in Platinum, and not even a chained one, either. Jolly natured too, though I haven't evolved it yet.
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