It's Christmas eve

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4 years ago#51
4 years ago#52
gaarchomp goodbye
i love this site
4 years ago#53

it's simple. just be nice.
4 years ago#54 much did it cost you to wrap this?! O_o
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4 years ago#55

Can't complain Upcoming free Tower Defense game, check it out if you want. I'm not the boss of you. Platinum FC - 4599 8066 5562
4 years ago#56
Zorua. I am perfectly fine with this.
It's like there's a secret society of TF2 players who swear to only play Spy and Sniper on pubs, and they have all taken a vow of silence. -Emporer_Kazbar
4 years ago#57
Palkia, nice
4 years ago#58
Cresselia! I honestly didn't even know what the heck this pokemon was until now.
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4 years ago#59
4 years ago#60
Mawile. Erm...
Kirby321 is 60% epicsauce, 40% epic failure
Soo... how was your day?

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