It's Christmas eve

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4 years ago#71
I got a Gible =)
So cute, but will one day be the most feared Pokemon on the planet muahahaha.
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4 years ago#72
I got a Giratina. Best . . . Christmas . . . EVAR!
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4 years ago#73
I got zapdos.
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4 years ago#74
lighting_deity posted...
Smogoon posted...
I'd like to unwrap Elesa on Christmas eve.

why did you post this.

because it's inarguable fact.
it's simple. just be nice.
4 years ago#75
Latias. Heck yes.
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4 years ago#76
Typhlosion. YAAAY!
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4 years ago#77

This might as well be Halloween and the guy who hands out candy gave me a rock.
"This is the strangest life I've ever known" - Jim Morrison
4 years ago#78
Asked me if I even lift.
4 years ago#79

Guess it suits the spirit of winter I suppose...
The Game. That is all.
4 years ago#80
My first reaction would be "Huh? Somebody sent me a gift?"

Then I'd scream like I've never screamed before because I just got an Electrike.

I guess.

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