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What if we have another fire/fighting starter?

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3 years ago#31
HvnlyScl posted...
King-gamer posted...
Fire/Steel With levitate please.

A flaming Sword that evolves into a Bigger Sword, and the Final Evolution is a Fiery Knight holding the Sword.

Has levitate until it evolves to final form, then it gets pressure.


Fire/Steel makes an excellent combo for a Rocket Pokemon. Rockets shoot out jets of fire and are made of metal. Since they can fly, they should get levitate as well.

Rockets are fast and can break the speed of sound, so it should have at least 130 speed. and 130 Atk for the lolz. Explosion because when everything else goes wrong, a rocket explodes. Just like anyone who would use explosion.
3 years ago#32
Personally, I'd like:
Fire/ Ghost
Grass/ Flying

Edit: I had to put Dark/Water because the other way around it told me I was using an inappropriate word, even though I wasn't. Anyone know why that was?
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3 years ago#33
If we get another fire/fighting starter, I'm hoping we're getting a grass/psychic or grass/flying starter to balance it.
3 years ago#34
I hope we get a Fire/Poison or Fire/Electric starter.It would'nt bother me if it was Fire/Fighting.What will bother me is if the Grass starter sucks.
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3 years ago#35
I simply won't pick the fire starter this time either.
3 years ago#36
I want interesting typings. Water/Steel and Grass/Ground were great, as was Fire/Fighting when it was just Blaziken.

And please, make the starters useful. Something is seriously wrong when the best starter is one of the Normal-Types you find outside of the first town.
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3 years ago#37
I never pick the fire starter so I don't care.
3 years ago#38
BluntGrunt posted...
I won't care.

3 years ago#39
BluntGrunt posted...
I won't care.
3 years ago#40
I'd be fine if the next three weren't Fire/Water/Grass at all.
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