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What you caught with your very first master ball ever.

#161KenjiRyuyaPosted 12/25/2012 8:07:44 AM
first playthrough ever i was 6... i used it on a level 30 poliwhirl. i wasted almost thirty ultra balls, 20 great balls and all my pokeballs on it and it wouldnt stay... so i used the one i had left... yellow version. wow thats a long time ago
#162XImperialDragonPosted 12/25/2012 8:24:54 AM
I held onto it until I ran into a level 70 Mewtwo in Red, lol. I was so stingy with one-use items back then.
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#163Gunther482Posted 12/25/2012 8:28:00 AM
I believe I used it on Mewtwo in Yellow. I do remember my brother using my masterball on Gold to catch a freakin' Tentacruel though >_>
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#164bluedragon619Posted 12/25/2012 8:46:56 AM
Zapdos on pokemon blue
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#165Hellraiser234Posted 12/25/2012 9:12:48 AM
Well, since I always used the Missingno glitch to give myself more Master Balls in Blue Version, the first Pokemon I ever caught with one is hard to say. Probably something in the Cinnibar mansion. Magmar or Ponyta would be my guess. As soon as I had the ball cloned, I just started chucking them at everything I saw that I didn't already have.

The first time I ever played without using the glitch was in Yellow, and I saved the Master Ball for Mewtwo.
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#166Meguel13Posted 12/25/2012 9:40:31 AM
A Numel on my friends game xD.
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#167DigiPokeManiacPosted 12/25/2012 10:00:39 AM
Magikarp in Red. Not even kidding.
#168MovesLikeJabbaPosted 12/25/2012 10:02:00 AM
DigiPokeManiac posted...
Magikarp in Red. Not even kidding.

Were you 4 years old!?! 9_9 XD @ that!!!
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#169DigiPokeManiacPosted 12/25/2012 10:04:09 AM
MovesLikeJabba posted...
DigiPokeManiac posted...
Magikarp in Red. Not even kidding.

Were you 4 years old!?! 9_9 XD @ that!!!

Yes, actually.
#170fatalberty1Posted 12/25/2012 10:07:41 AM
First pokemon I ever caught with a masterball was mewtwo in pokemon red... Good ol days
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