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Think of a Pokemon you really, REALLY like...

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3 years ago#31
Metagross swapped with Archeops...


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3 years ago#32
Gyarados swapped with Mewtwo

Hell Freaking YES
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3 years ago#33
Thought of Jigglypuff, got Vibrava. Not too bad!
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3 years ago#34
Thought of Charmander

Got Farfetch'd
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3 years ago#35
Got Tyrouge OTL
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3 years ago#36
Zangoose's base stats swap with Reshiram's.
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3 years ago#37
...Sigilyph -><- Jumpluff

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3 years ago#38
Lucario swapped with Woobat..

Do not like!
3 years ago#39
Thought of Ambipom.

Got Torkoal.

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3 years ago#40
Garchomp! Got locked into a battle w/Cynthia in Platinum and got her down to 1 pokemon which was Garchomp and she wiped out my whole party of 6 pokemon with Garchomp alone. Everytime I attacked she got the first hit and killed my pokemon in 1 hit everytime. It was a dig move or something and I have yet to find out what that move was. He dug into the ground then popped up.
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