Your sad shiny Pokemon stories?

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User Info: murry_the_skull

4 years ago#51
Other than the Red Gyarados in G/S/C, I have never had any contact with a Shiny Pokemon...
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User Info: Quiet_Noise

4 years ago#52
Spent 40 minutes headbutting a tree looking for Pineco when I first got Gold and Silver.

A golden Pineco fell from the tree and I freaked out, hit it once, critical hit!

And it survived with a sliver of health. After breathing a huge sigh of relief, I go to my bag and see 0 pokeballs.

I'm pretty sure 10 years old is too old to be crying over something like that, but that doesn't change the fact that I so cried. You don't even know.

User Info: Merenwenrago

4 years ago#53
Ive played every single pokemon game and not once have I seen a shiny pokemon besides the story Gyrados
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User Info: SteelPunk808

4 years ago#54
I've encountered 3 shiny Pokemon in all my 12 years of playing the game and not caught one of them.

Pokemon Gold: Shiny Swinub. My last two Ultra Balls wouldn't catch it so I had to run away. I couldn't kill it, it was too beautiful :(

Pokemon Ruby: My other two shiny encounters came from Ruby. A level 4 Shiny Wurmple, which I tried to weaken but since my only poke was my level 12 starter, I killed it in one hit.

The other was a Shiny Nincada. Yeah I had no balls at the time.

User Info: DMZapp

4 years ago#55
I bumped into a shiny Zebstrika while training, and I looked away from the screen for some reason before I saw the shine sparkle, so I never realized what I was actually fighting or that I had fought such a thing until I looked up the various Pokemon forms I had seen in the Pokedex at the 200 hour mark and looked at its forms... "Hey, when did I see a shiny Zebstrika? (realize)...nuts".

Who knows how long ago I bumped into it...
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User Info: Gray_Areas

4 years ago#56
In Platinum, I was breeding for a shiny Chimchar. After many many eggs, no shiny had come. Then my friend who had chosen Piplup asked for a Chimchar egg to help with his Pokedex. I had plenty so I just handed one over. He hatches it about 30 minutes later and of course it hatches him a SHINY FREAKING CHIMCHAR! I was so mad. But happy that he had just gotten his first shiny.

In the end though, I learned to RNG and got a nearly perfect shiny Chimchar with about an hour of work, so it worked out for the better. :)
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User Info: -Zeke-

4 years ago#57
HG Safari Zone, Encountered three shiny Lunatones over the course of two hours, they all ran away
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User Info: AIvinn

4 years ago#58
I was EV training south of Solaceon at night in Pearl, while using the computer at the same time. Ran from a Gastly and didn't realize until I looked at my screen.

Box was full in when I found a shiny Ratata in Crystal.
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User Info: CyberWhiteTiger

4 years ago#59
Ok my sad shiny tale... I lost a shiny Houndour in platinum.
I was just going along playing the game and it showed up with the d'ling ling shiny sound and i was... shocked. I didn't know Houndour had roar and so it used that and i was annoyed. I didn't have any sleep user or any other pokemon that could've stopped roar on my team at the time as i hadn't completed the game yet and so wasn't prepared for shiny hunting.

It isn't too sad though because i managed to chain Houndour with the pokeradar and captured three shinies from the chain before i accidentally broke it so in a way i reclaimed the one that got away and got a bonus two.
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User Info: teehee_201

4 years ago#60
R/S: killed a shiny hariyama
D/P: burned a shiny azumarill, then it died because it didn't wanna go in my ultra ball
HG/SS: had level 100 pokes vs a shiny level 40ish ponyta and killed it because my moves were too OP :(
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