How often do you nickname your pokemon?

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User Info: ReloadPsi

4 years ago#71
Only in Nuzlocke runs.
Unless you call Mega Man "Rockman" kindly quit whining about those of us who still say "Robotnik." Thank you.

User Info: gzr9k

4 years ago#72
All pokemon I use on a regular basis. Separates them from the "just there" pokemon, and it's endearing sometimes
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User Info: 12Rouge

4 years ago#73
Only the ones I've breed and EV trained.
Stuffs and ones or another's things.

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#74
Almost never. I suck at it.

User Info: hhjghbhghnmh

4 years ago#75
Always. I've literally stopped playing for days trying to think of a good one. They're usually not even that good, although I'm still a little proud of my Cyndaquil,

User Info: Ampharos64

4 years ago#76
Anything I've bred gets nicknamed (often picking a name that begins with the first letter of the final evos species' name), otherwise not.

User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#77
I'll nickname a Pokemon if I'll be using it, or if it's a special encounter like a legend. Otherwise, no. In addition, I have recently, for whatever reason, been inspired by the name Robby, and find that no matter what Pokemon game I play, the name always finds its way onto a member of my team, like my Victreebel in HG or Medicham in Platinum.
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User Info: vchu8

4 years ago#78
I tend to alternate between not doing nicknames and doing nicknames. Sometimes I'll have a mix of nicknamed and non-named Pokes. If I'm doing a special run (such as a monotype) I'm usually gonna name them, however.

User Info: Jack_LB

4 years ago#79
very few and always regret it

User Info: paralyzed21

4 years ago#80
never |
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