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ITT: Make up a Trollfreak announcement

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3 years ago#11
"We sold Pokemon to Disney."
"Do you remember the episode where Ash caught a Pumbloom?"
3 years ago#12
Red and Blue are coming to the eShop!
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3 years ago#13
Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition 2
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3 years ago#14
Paradox421 posted...
"We sold Pokemon to Disney."

Not another George Lucas Incident...
3 years ago#15
deevo117 posted...
"Hey guys, today we are pleased to announce that we will be re-releasing Hey You Pikachu on the Virtual Console. Hope you held on to those mics from the 90's!"

Or buy the official microphones currently being sold for the Wii U.
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3 years ago#16
From: Windyligth | Posted: 1/7/2013 10:11:03 PM | #006
You now have a 1/250 chance per step of falling over when running.

Idk why, but i lol'd really hard at this.
3 years ago#17
Windyligth posted...
You now have a 1/250 chance per step of falling over when running.

The animation and text sequence takes 10 seconds.

This and they bring back the lightning-reflex fishing mechanics from RSE
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3 years ago#18
"Well, Pokemon fans, we know you've all been waiting for the big news about the future of Pokemon. So without any further waiting..."

"As the result of advances on software piracy, the prospect of developing video games is simply no longer lucrative or practical. For that reason, we are sorry to announce that there will not be any more Pokemon video games."

"But don't worry! This isn't the end of Pokemon! The franchise will simply be 'evolving' in a different direction. The Pokemon anime will continue to follow Ash's journey with Pokemon, as he travels to a brand new region created by our talented writing staff!"
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3 years ago#19
"No vamos a hacer mas juegos, sino que desde ahora en mas vamos a dedicarnos a vender choripanes de Pikachu en la Costanera"
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3 years ago#20
"Hey guys, we're announcing that we are officially done with the beta of the games and are now ready to sell our finalized product. What to look forward to:

*For starters, we are disowning all previous Pokemon and replacing them with a brand new 202 that have been balanced to not be overpowering in the metagame and still provide a challenge for in the game itself.
*Next up is types. We have reduced the number from 17 to 12. Rock and Ground have been combined into 1, and we'll let you see what other 4 have been taken out.
*The level system has been completely overhauled, with the amount of experience gained being defined by one's strategy. We can't cover specifics, but we are sure the fans will be pleased with the results.
*Finally, we realized we've overdone the 8 badges and have dropped that in favor for a better storyline. You'll play as an orphaned boy who must travel and acquire several special items guarded by eight bosses that will permit access to the final dungeon with the bosses' boss.

We here at GameFreak cannot wait to release this to public and reward our fans who have stuck with us for over 15 years."
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