Chespin Fennekin or Froakie?

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4 years ago#1
Which one do you like best? - Results (2101 votes)
25.13% (528 votes)
51.88% (1090 votes)
22.99% (483 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Here's a pic
4 years ago#2
I am so picking Chespin.
4 years ago#3
Fennekin as long as he isn't part fighting in his final form. Otherwise, coin toss.
4 years ago#4
It is close between Froakie and Fennekin for me, but so far Froakie is stealing my heart... >_<; Fennekin looks like a Pokemon 99% of my female friends are going to squeal over in the morning lol.
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4 years ago#5
Just looking at them as of right now? Froakie
4 years ago#6
all i know is not Froakie. But i think im leaning towards chespin. So it would have been water, fire, grass, fire, water, grass for all 3 gens as my favorite starters.
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4 years ago#7
Isn't there already a topic for this?
4 years ago#8
I'm predicting Grass/Fighting, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Dark as the final types based on moves used in the trailer.
4 years ago#9
Chespin is my favorite. But I need to see the evos before I completely decide
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4 years ago#10
Fennekin looks like it could evolve into something sexy. So we'll see.
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