What's the longest you've ever spent looking for a Pokemon?

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4 years ago#12
Or see if anyone has a spare Dragonite from when GCPM11 gave out pokemon awhile ago. They're level 100 already but EV's aren't maxed.
4 years ago#13
4 years ago#14
And I caught it on my first Poke Ball without weakening it!!! I'm so excited!!!!! :D
4 years ago#15
A normal pokeball?
4 years ago#16
As always -- that's another one of my masochistic Pokemon tendecies (I unanimously use Poke Balls for everything).
4 years ago#17
If you were gonna spend lots of time catching Dragonite, why on earth wouldn't you target Hidden Grotto Dragonite in order to get the superior ability?

As for length, I'd say getting a female Grotto Poliwhirl and Dragonite is definitely testing me. All but given up on a female Dragonite after 5 males, but I WILL get this Poliwhirl.
4 years ago#18
DKU_Arich posted...
I'm a masochistic douche who wants an untouched Dragonite :P

I admit I did think about it though, but I treaded through this in Black (considerably less time though) and I'd just really much rather do the same in Black 2.

So instead of evolving one of the Dragonairs you "commonly" get, you'd rather wait for an extremely rare Dragonite that probably has a bad nature anyways?
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4 years ago#19
I'm with DKU on this one. If a Pokemon can be found in the wild, then I have to get it, even if it would be infinitely easier to evolve or breed a Pokemon I already have. I also do the Pokeball only thing (or Premiers for legendaries and other rare Pokemon).

And seriously, who cares what the nature is? He clearly said he wants it untouched, ie, it's never going to be used in battle.

I did manage to catch the wild Dragonite in White, but I have yet to do it in White 2. That's actually the only Pokemon I'm missing in my Habitat List.
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4 years ago#20
Yes sir. Something about belongingness (all Pokes untouched, caught at the same place, etc.) genuinely sits well with me so I would've continued 'til I got Dragonite.

It does sound strange but eh, it's whatever. I wouldn't endorse this type of behavior but I'm happy playing the game this way :P
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  3. What's the longest you've ever spent looking for a Pokemon?

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