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What's the "Do all" Pokemon in this version?

#1DredjPosted 1/23/2013 6:15:34 PM
That certain Pokemon that can learn numerous HM moves, like Cut, Rock Smash, etc. I always dump those moves onto 1 Pokemon.
#2DarkBlueAntPosted 1/23/2013 6:16:33 PM
Samurott can learn all but Fly.
#3mustardpi314Posted 1/23/2013 6:18:59 PM
Dragonite can learn all the HM moves.
if you want to waste two Dragonites on them.
Bibarel is a common one for the water HMs plus cut and strength
I used Basculin for the water HMs plus cut
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#4Mothership1953Posted 1/23/2013 6:25:36 PM
Skarmory can learn cut, fly, flash and rock smash
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#5yzmanPosted 1/23/2013 6:26:06 PM
Braviary is good to use, can learn fly,cut, strength, rock smash
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#6Dredj(Topic Creator)Posted 1/23/2013 6:43:52 PM(edited)
I started with Tehpig, no Samurott for me :<
#7sonofcasbahPosted 1/23/2013 10:03:42 PM
you honestly really do not need any HM slaves.

the only moves you'll probably want are Waterfall/Surf which are both useful anyway and Fly.
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#8Dredj(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 2:02:15 AM
Nice, got a Basculin from the Dream World.
#9EchoPhoenixPosted 1/24/2013 2:30:37 AM
Watchog + Swanna
#10brStalkerPosted 1/24/2013 3:52:15 AM
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