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pokemon black 2 team help

#1mudkipandaxewPosted 1/30/2013 10:11:17 AM
I need help with a good solid team this is what I have so far;
nature - adamant
ability - mold breaker
item - muscle band
moves - dragon claw, outrage, earthquake, dragon dance

nature - timid
ability - levitate
item - black sludge
moves - toxic, venoshock, shadow ball, giga drain

nature - quiet
ability - magic guard
item - life orb
moves - trick room, shadow ball, focus blast, psychic

nature - bashful
ability - natural cure
item - bright powder
moves - surf, thunderbolt, psychic, recover

nature - timid
ability - serene grace
item - leftovers
moves - aura sphere, fly, flamethrower and air slash

any improvements or a last member would be very helpful to me.
thqs in advance