Best OU dragon?

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3 years ago#41
wutzgood posted...
DarkBlueAnt posted...
Zareth, I was cool with you being rude to just me, but why are you being rude to everyone? Nobody here is trying to start a fight with you.

No just laughing at him. I bet no one ever thinks if a me first xatu to counter dragons. They normally throw out a dragon attack and I just blast it first with more power.

wutz here pretty much figured me out. And no, I wasn't being serious. But one of the most amusing ways to be a troll is to take on the roll of the devil's advocate :D

I was mostly wasting time waiting for the family car to get back so I can go pick up my Fire Emblem: Awakening copy :D

So thanks for playing along mate, but time to play Fire Emblem for me now ^^;

Edit: Although I'll admit that counter game with Nightbird seems like it would've been pretty fun if I had the time :D
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