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10 Fans musical question.

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3 years ago#1
I've gotten all the other medals, and all the props. Do I have to win any more musicals, or can I just "participate" (read: go into a musical, use no props, pay no attention during appeals) another 80 times or so?
3 years ago#2
There have been people reporting they got the 10 fans medal after participating in 100 musicals, but only one guy said he had to do 200.

I envy you for getting the medals for the 30 People funfest and the score 1000
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3 years ago#3
You have to win them.
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3 years ago#4
Win 139 musicals? That's absurd. :/

I don't mean all the other medals, I mean all the other musical medals, hahaha. My two best medals right now are 1000 trainers in WTH/BT and also all Pokťwood medals. Trying to get the fluff out of the way before I get back to the fun stuff :/ Though I did just hit 150 medals...

30 people funfest is complete bs, though. :/
3 years ago#5
Here in the west? Yea, it's total BS. In Japan, it's a piece of cake apparently >.>
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