So I did my first random matchups...

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3 years ago#11
Even in free there are rng'ed and hacked Pokemon. Most people that use all shinies on a team have done it. I'd say it'd the people with shiny non-released DW starters and legendaries like Thundurus-T. I have almost 400 wins in random match up and I've seen my share of hacked teams
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3 years ago#12
I did my first random matchup, and was I stupid. I used pre-evolutions, and this guy with a Shiny Virizion and Shiny(?)Latios COMPLETELY pwned my team. I lost twice, as I battled twice. I'm never random matchup-ing without proper preparation again. Btw I had not finished the game yet, and plus, I was extremely bored. So, do random matchups, lol who cares.
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3 years ago#13
Yup. Random matchup isn't near as bad in reality as it seems when all you've done is read about competitive play.

Sometimes Smogon's writeups psyche you out. They call something like a 90 defense "mediocre." In reality you can get by with some seriously goofy stuff.

Yesterday I ran across a guy running a team headlined by Surskit. I even took a video because he was awesome.
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