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Rate the ability, Day 40: Harvest

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3 years ago#1
Rate the ability, Harvest! - Results (41 votes)
2.44% (1 votes)
4.88% (2 votes)
2.44% (1 votes)
9.76% (4 votes)
7.32% (3 votes)
14.63% (6 votes)
26.83% (11 votes)
14.63% (6 votes)
2.44% (1 votes)
14.63% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
It's Day 40 and today's ability is Harvest. I've had fun with this ability back in DW in Pokemon Online. It's also only a Hidden Ability. Long description ahead.

Harvest: "When the user uses a held Berry, there is a 50% chance of it being restored at the end of each turn. Harvest remembers the held Berry even if it fails to restore it or if the Pokémon has switched out. Harvest will always activate in intense sunlight.

Harvest can recover Berries consumed by Fling and Natural Gift, but not Berries lost by Thief, Covet, Trick, Switcheroo, Bestow, Bug Bite, or Pluck. Harvest cannot restore a Berry if it is collected by a Pokémon with Pickup.

Harvest will not activate more than once per turn. If the held Berry is consumed immediately after it is restored, Harvest will not be able to restore it again until the next turn.

Harvest can recover Berries consumed that were originally another Pokémon's, but transferred to the Pokémon with Harvest via Thief, Covet, Trick, Switcheroo, Bestow, or Pickup. However, a Pokémon may only have one consumed item (including non-Berries) at a time; if a Pokémon consumes a Berry, obtains another item and consumes it, the original consumed Berry cannot be restored, even if the second item is restored and swapped away. If the Pokémon with Harvest obtains an item after consuming a Berry, Harvest can still restore the old Berry as long as the Pokémon has no hold item and did not consume any other items (including non-Berries) since consuming the old Berry."

Day 1, Adaptability: 7.6
Day 2, Aftermath: 5.58
Day 3, Air Lock: 7.25
Day 4, Analytic: 5.64
Day 5, Anger Point: 4.55
Day 6, Anticipation: 2.85
Day 7, Arena Trap: 7.87
Day 8, Bad Dreams: 7.28
Day 9, Battle Armor: 5.27
Day 10, Big Pecks: 4
Day 11, Blaze: 4.97
Day 12, Chlorophyll: 7.72
Day 13, Clear Body: 6.12
Day 14, Cloud Nine: 5.91
Day 15, Color Change: 4.27
Day 16, Compoundeyes: 8.52
Day 17, Contrary: 8.61
Day 18, Cursed Body: 6.18
Day 19, Cute Charm: 4
Day 20, Damp: 3.38
Day 21, Defeatist: 1.19
Day 22, Defiant: 7.32
Day 23, Download: 8.5
Day 24, Drizzle: 9.64
Day 25, Drought: 9.21
Day 26, Dry Skin: 6.74
Day 27, Early Bird: 4.91
Day 28, Effect Spore: 6.21
Day 29, Filter: 7.04
Day 30, Flame Body: 7.86
Day 31, Flare Boost: 5.94
Day 32, Flash Fire: 7.9
Day 33, Flower Gift: 5.9
Day 34, Forecast: 5.23
Day 35, Forewarn: 2.8
Day 36, Friend Guard: 4.68
Day 37, Frisk: 4.64
Day 38, Gluttony: 4.08
Day 39, Guts: 7.95

3 years ago#2
I'll say 7. It's not bad per se, but you do need sun to make it truly reliable. Also, while not necessarily a knock against Harvest, the three pokemon that get Harvest also get Chlorophyll, which is arguably the much more dangerous ability under the sun.
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3 years ago#3
This poll makes me so tempted to make a defensive Harvest Tropius with a Chesto Berry and Rest.
3 years ago#4
5, it has uses but is very situational.
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3 years ago#5
Torterra and Meganium y u n have harvest!?
There is a 0% chance of this happening.
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3 years ago#6
It's actually a pretty cool ability, but I wish more Pokemon got it.
3 years ago#7
3 years ago#8
electric_emu posted...
It's actually a pretty cool ability, but I wish more Pokemon got it.

This. I gave it a 7. In the right circumstances it's great. Can also be abused as a mini-hydro rest in sun. Great applications but poor distrubition knock it down a few pegs.
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