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Not sure what builds to follow...

#1SteelPunk808Posted 2/4/2013 1:04:59 AM
With everything divided into tiers in the metagame, I was wondering what the best builds are. If I wanted to use a good Machamp, should I use a UU build or an OU build? There's even a VGC 2012 build that seems somewhat appealing.

Note: I basically need advice on building a team not so much for wifi, but local tournaments and battles with friends etc.
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#2FowhawkPosted 2/4/2013 1:40:55 AM
Well if you were playing UU you would use a UU build and OU you would use an OU build.

Or alternatively just take the standard build and mess with it a little bit and make it your own.
#3electric_emuPosted 2/4/2013 2:00:04 AM
The difference between NU, RU, UU and OU is what Pokemon the set is based on countering. For example, an NU build won't take Salamence or Garchomp into account, as they are OU. In theory, the OU build encompasses the most Pokemon.

Do keep in mind that a VGC build is put together on the assumption you're using the Pokemon in doubles.