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3 years ago#1
Gonna play B/W or B2/W2, but I'd like a bad team as a challenge.

See, I did this for 3rd gen through Smogon's NU tier, but it has grown so big over the last 2 gens and I'm not completely familiar with the new pokemon. =\ So I need ideas!

Some restrictions though:
- Name 4th gen or 5th gen pokemon only (I know the others if I feel like using them)
- Not going to do unevolved pokemon (because without the evolution screen, a pokemon master feels empty inside... and because I don't wanna press B all the time or get many everstones)
- No Magikarp/Unown/Ditto (they don't conform with the above and are too much work. I want a little added challenge, not an exercise in frustration)
- Other than those, anything goes as long as it's bad.

Two that come to mind already are Lumineon and Wormadam-<type>, but they're not final.

Start naming bad pogeys please!
3 years ago#2
The first 3 I thought of were Simisear/sage, Liepard and Unfezant.
3 years ago#3

It's actually kind of tough to choose since even the "bad" guys in Gen 5 aren't horrible. But that team has some variety and might be fun.
3 years ago#4
F***, I wanted to say Droughtales + Dry Skin Parasect.

Well, how about Butterfree?
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3 years ago#5
Luvdisc. 6 of them.
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3 years ago#6
I like Mothim, though Wormadam is much worse imo.

You could try...

Chatot for fly

Needing to evolve sort of limits the choices :(
3 years ago#7
After thinking about it a bit more in bed...


Is what I came up with.

Since ingame it's all about the sweeping, having a high (sp) Attack is much better than having high defenses without the ability to attack worth a damn, like in Mandibuzz and Bastiodon's case.

Chatot is an exception because it's fragile as a wet paper bag and because it's so cool anyway. =3

More ideas are still welcome, otherwise I'll use that team. Sometime. Somewhere.

(It's also interesting to note that 4th gen seems to have more of these crap pokemon than 5th gen)
3 years ago#8
What about Karrablast/Shelmet? Since they only evolve by trading with each other, you could go with them through the game without worrying about them destroying everything in- game.
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3 years ago#9
That's actually not a bad idea, but I'd rather use Wormadam as the bug type since the silly critter is what inspired me to do this to begin with.
3 years ago#10
Any updates? I forgot about this topic :(
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