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Older Gen Remakes: Yay or Nay?

#1Nightbird_XPosted 2/5/2013 7:34:44 PM
Ok, we've already had gen 1/2 remakes; however, those are "negated" (along with gen 3) due to hardware changes (can't use GBA carts on 3DS). Considering the game is still very active competitively, should these older gens be remade (again)?

Perhaps a digital download from the Nintendo store, so they don't ever get locked out from hardware changes? Perhaps a "super bundle" that has all of them together?
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#2DarkBlueAntPosted 2/5/2013 7:43:26 PM
I wouldn't buy them (Unless they had some new guys/moves), but if people enjoy them and they make money, I don't care.

I really don't see why people fight about it.