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3 years ago#1
Ok I'm trying to get an idea of how to breed pokemon with more then one 31 in the giving stat.

Do I simply get a pokemon with the Characteristic i want then Ev train it in another stat that I want? OR is it done simple from chain breeding?

Also wants with overall potential I see that it effects IV's but are they random on the egg? Or can parents with equall values have a chance to breed a higher egg value. Like 2 above Avg. throwing an Relative Superior?
3 years ago#2
EV training won't help with IVs. They're two separate things. Chain breeding is what you want to do.

When breeding, three IVs are generated at random, and the other three are inherited from the parents. If you use a Power item to pass down one IV (eg., attach a Power Anklet to a parent with a 31 in speed to pass it down 100% of the time), then two of the parents' IVs are passed down. So, yes, if you breed two average parents, it's possible for the offspring to have better potential because the randomly generated IVs could be better than the ones the parents had.
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3 years ago#3
Is there a way to find out which three stats I pokemon will throw and want will be random?

The Problem I'm having is I'm breeding a Geodude for a Trick Room team. With a Gigalith with 252 in Stats with Adament and Likes to Thrash. However the geodude eggs are really crappy with the best I have seen is 25/26/15/15/15/15. And the gigalith is holding the power item to pass his Attack IV's.

Ionno it might just be my luck.
3 years ago#4
You can only control one IV. The two other IVs passed down by the parents are chosen at random, but you have a higher chance of the offspring inheriting a stat if both parents have that stat. For example, if both parents have a 31 in HP, the babies are more likely to have that IV.

For one, EVs don't have anything to do with breeding IVs, so having 252 in whatever doesn't mean anything. Two, even though Gigalith's characteristic says it likes to thrash about, that doesn't mean it has a 31 in attack. It actually has a 26, as you can see from the IVs of the Geodude you posted.

What you want to do is keep replacing the parents with the offspring who have better IVs than the parents. If you're breeding with horrible parents, the offspring are likely to be horrible, too.
i don't even gaf anymore
3 years ago#5
Geodude (female)
Brave Nature, Likes to Thrash
Relitively Superior


Adamant Nature, Likes to trash
Relitively Superior


The geodude was one of the eggs hatched from Gigalith. So I think that I need to get another Father to add into the mix now. To increase my odds. Hmm someone with a good Hp nature would be good.
3 years ago#6
HP nature?
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3 years ago#7

Hp Char..

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