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White 2 - Playing as the "Bad Guy"

#1DemonizedxBladePosted 2/6/2013 10:27:04 PM
Started my White 2 version over and I am going to play it like I was the bad guy in the game. Made a little story to go with it.

Beldum was given to me as a gift from my cousin, Steven. Steven was the champion in the R/S/E and was one of the "good guys." My family had so much praise for Steven and left me on the back burner. I wasn't the center of attention and it fed my anger inside. I became angry and mean to everyone. I decided to keep the Beldum because it proved itself in battle plenty of times for me. Beldum has strength and I would need that on a team. Even if it was a gift. Along the way, Beldum and I started training in a cave and a group of wild Zubat appeared. Beldum defeated all the Zubat, except for one. This Zubat was particular, he was bigger than other Zubats. I figured I'd need to catch this guy. After a battle in which Beldum took Zubat down, I threw my pokeball at Zubat and I managed to catch it. Beldum, Zubat and I left the cave and we proceeded to sleep outside by a camp fire. All of a sudden a wild Gastly appeared, a ghost appeared in front of my eyes. Knowning I had to catch this pokemon since it was a strange encounter, Zubat and Beldum beat the Gastly, and my pokeball caught it.

Now I am working on beating the first gym leader, Cheren.

Current Pokemon: Zubat, Gastly, Beldum.
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