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Does anyone think the original Black/White is better than this?

#1Mcnugget2256Posted 5/25/2013 8:14:51 AM
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#2Xtreme GamerPosted 5/25/2013 9:32:28 AM
A few do. Not me, though.
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#3AquavaporPosted 5/25/2013 9:41:27 AM
hell no.
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#4Earth_EchidnaPosted 5/25/2013 10:00:37 AM
I do. I just felt it was funner.
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#5InfernalDragon5Posted 5/25/2013 11:37:31 AM
I've only played Blaze Black 2 so I don't know.
#6RhodechillPosted 5/25/2013 11:48:21 AM
Overall, certainyl not
Some parts, maybe
ie some may have preferred the N story and orignal team plasma a lot better,
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#7PalmerSenseiPosted 5/25/2013 11:54:18 AM
Not really.

BW did do some things better, the story. BW2 pretty much improved everything else, like post game content and stuff.
#8AzardeaPosted 5/25/2013 12:36:55 PM
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#9Mariofan15Posted 5/25/2013 12:59:48 PM
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#10bassyuraPosted 5/25/2013 9:21:28 PM
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Hilbert >>>> Nate

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