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Beat Me In Level 1 Pokemon Battle & Win Pokemon

#1TaytrellzPosted 5/25/2013 9:28:16 AM
anyone down for a level 1 pokemon battle? Wager a pokemon and select a pokemon for me to wager below. We Will trade right after the fight.
we'll use 6 pokemon

-baby pokemon only. no pokemon like scyther, chansey, rotom, phione, lv 1 palkia, lv1 aron with sturdy, endeavor and shell bell (cheating)

-no hacks
-no oran berry,
-no same items
-no sonicboom or dragon rage
-no wonder launcher

POKEMON YOU CAN WIN. (you choose, and you offer a pokemon) (you must wager a pokemon somewhat equal or greater value)
- lv 1 shiny adamant tyrogue with egg move high jump kick, a -

-feb2012 event mewtwo ut

-Lv 50adamant shiny trained salamence

-Lv 5 shiny relaxed chimchar

-Lv1 shiny mild Bulbasaur

-Lv 10 Jolly Dw treeko

-lv1 hatched modest bulbasaur, egg move energy ball

-Lv 50 EVENT vgc09 shiny timid marvel scale Milotic

Dw Female pokemon:
-sneasel with egg move fake out
-vulpix with egg move hypnosis
-poochyena egg move fake out

my fc is 0992-0136-3069
3ds fc 0817-5078-1985
Super Smash Bros Brawl Fc: 0906- 3228-6555
#2Xtreme GamerPosted 5/25/2013 9:31:56 AM
There is a battle board for this kind of thing.
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