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2013 International Challenge - June Tournament Results are out [Wi-Fi, VGC]

#1Team Rocket Elite(Moderator)Posted 7/2/2013 11:16:32 AM

You need to log into the Pokemon Global Link site and go to Reports > Wi-Fi Competitions to see the standings.

Japan won again and the top US player only made 10th.

This was the last VGC Wi-fi tournament that counted for Championship Points towards a Worlds invite and perhaps the last one for VGC2013. Hope you guys enjoyed them.

The VGC US National is coming up. It's on July 5th-7th in Indianapolis, IN. I've posted more details here:
Pokemon VGC2013 OR Regional - 12th place
Pokemon VGC2013 BC Regional - 16th place
#2pokemon2pokerPosted 7/4/2013 9:41:09 AM
1194 :/