New to Pokemon and need some advice.

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User Info: SomeLikeItHoth

3 years ago#1
I'm considering using this team:

- Hydreigon
- Braviary
- Darmanitan
- Lilligant

But 3 of them are bad against Ice types. Will it make a difference?

Also, how is leveling 6 Pokemon? Seems like it would be pretty difficult to manage them all, and keep them at an even level. I was thinking 4 would be good... one of my friends says to just solo it but I want some variety.
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User Info: I_Like_Stuffs_

3 years ago#2
If it's in game, you're fine. If all else fails, audino grind.

In terms of a team of 6, it's extremely viable in this game. If you abuse that lucky egg you get, your team of 6 would be about levels 50-70, with out grinding, which is more than enough.
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User Info: Cornwallace

3 years ago#3
With 6 I still out level each person I battle, but I go and fight in every trainer battle I can. Also I use Max Repels to avoid wild battles to save time. I hate the long intro battle sequence, the slide of the Pokemon onto screen, the "a wild BLANK....appears!" and stuff.

I'd use 4-5, and have 1 extra use Cut/Strength/Rock Smash for other items. Have Fly and Surf on a Flying and Water type in your main team. This is all in-game of course. Tower Defense Game, going to a closed Beta. It's happening! -- Black 2 Friend Code: 0219 2150 9366

User Info: ComedyTree

3 years ago#4
Hey I'm gonna let you finish, but Digimon was the best "-mon" of all time.
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