Pokemon TCG?

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User Info: GetPhiledIn

3 years ago#1
Anyone else collect them? Did Walmart stop selling them? Went to two locations that had them in the past, but they were gone.
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User Info: Robeccacorn

3 years ago#2
I do, they are actually really common where I live, at Walmart.
Stuff like Plasma freeze and Dragons Exalted are common.
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User Info: CheekoStick52

3 years ago#3
I'll sell you my gen 1 cards :-)
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User Info: CroatoanEXE

3 years ago#4
I don't collect them anymore, buy my local Walmart does still sell them, Though, they did stop selling any TCG stuff for a while a few years ago. Not sure why though. Then, they just up and started stocking the stuff again like a year or two ago.
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