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PWT Mechanics question

#1niklnipPosted 8/12/2013 8:24:33 PM
When the game is showing you the brackets for who you're going to fight next, does it decide on a 50/50 basis or do they give type advantages a larger chance?

Say I fought Tate and won, the bracket below mine was Brawly vs Roxanne, and Brawly won. How does it decide?
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#2Stormvale12Posted 8/12/2013 9:23:20 PM
Pretty sure that type advantages play a big role, but I have seen upsets. Been a while so I can't give any examples.
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#3GoaFan77Posted 8/13/2013 12:58:52 PM
Gym leaders with a type advantage over the other seem to win more I've noticed, but then I've also seen Clair regularly beat the Ice gym leader in the Jhoto division. I'd guess there is a built in trainer difficulty level and a type advantage modifier, or it actually simulates the battles a little and the type advantages show up there.
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