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Do you need competitively set up Pokemon for the PWT?

#1Soul59Posted 1/24/2014 12:27:08 AM
I assume you would but I'm curious anyhow.
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#2GoaFan77Posted 1/24/2014 1:00:31 AM
It is very highly recommended yes, otherwise you'll basically be relying on luck.

On got W2 late, so I breed up the team I was going to use on my generation IV game with perfect natures, transferred them to my friend's B2 and had him trade them to my W2 game. Played through the game with that team, and basically all they were missing was the fact they weren't EV trained. That was enough to beat the gym leaders in PWT but I could never beat the champions with that team. I had to slightly modify my team and breed the Pokemon I still wanted to use and EV train them all to beat the champions consistently.

Now you don't need to necessarily use only the top 20 Pokemon in OU, but if you're just using whatever Pokemon you caught during the course of the game with random natures, IVs and EVs you will have a bad time at the end.
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