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11 months ago#1
Name: Black
FC: 3568 9574 7942
Shiny Hi Jump Kick Blaziken, (all shiny) Charmander, Mudkip, Arceus, Giratina, Deoxys, Groudon, Thundurus (the other form) Metagross, Rayquaza,Dialga, Darkrai, Flygon, Lucario, Garchomp, Mewtwo, A few Mews, Victini, Regice, Golurk, Gigalith, Steelix, Keldeo, Chandelure Scizor, Arcanine, Haxorus, Genesect, Manaphy, Zoroark, A non shiny Deoxys, Dragonite, Heracross, Latios and Latias, Ninetails, Zekrom, Hydreigon, Salamence, Suicune, and an OP Vaporeon.
Give me your friend code and tell me what you want.
11 months ago#2
The wifi is dead, can only trade locally now.
11 months ago#3
11 months ago#4
well atleast i get to keep my babies
11 months ago#5
Yeah, it sucks, I need a rufflet and a couple other ones, but have no way to get em.
11 months ago#6
i hate nintendo for doing that
11 months ago#7
Nintendo sold their servers off to gamespy over a year ago and Gamespy shut them down.
PS Sheriff, Manager & Dex Filler
{3ds=banditwolf} [X=WOLFMAN] [1504-6276-7342] [tsv: 967, 2929, 2865, 3452]
11 months ago#8
nintendo had nothing to do with it blame gamespy

anyway its all 3ds npw , get with the times they cannot keep old games and systems running forever

you can pokemon bank your pokes to xy and trade there

in fact if you have xy i will send you any unova pokemon you want ?

11 months ago#9
Someone please trade me a shinx not a shiny one just a regular one that would be nice. Add my friend code if you have one to trade.

FC: 5284-2640-5982
11 months ago#10
I thought this board was dead?
FC:0061-1396-9462 FS:Chansey, Minccino,Teddiursa IGN:Manuel
Come on,spin the v-wheel!

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