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How do we get our SID now?

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11 months ago#1
With Pokecheck down for maintenance and Nintendo servers down forever, is there any way left to know your SID in gen V? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!
11 months ago#2
You can try one of the alternate menthods. I think that usually means you need to find some shiny pokes first.
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11 months ago#3
Unfortunately, outside of hacking, you will have to catch a shiny via random encounter, find the IVs, calculate your PID, convert to Binary, and do some math to find your SID.

I found this thread to be helpful:

You'll also need RNG reporter, I believe. I'll come back and see if I can find a concise guide or further information.

The hardest part is getting that shiny random encounter
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11 months ago#4
Thanks for your help!

Finally I have my secret ID. What I did was trading a pokemon to a flashcard game and opening the save with Pokegen. It shows the data from the original trainer and it's an alternative to Pokecheck that I didn't know because I've seen people with Pokegen struggling to get their SID, so it was a surprise to discover that the program can actually give you the number.

Fortunately, I got access to a flashcard and could do this little trick, because yes, the shiny random encounter is a pain to get. Don't like hacking, but not enough time to rely on my luck.
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