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Dennis...Dennis...DENNIS...DENNIS (Archived)
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sooo... (Archived)waitletsplay810/15/2012
I love how all of my favorite pokemon are more or less trash competitively (Archived)DarkBuster22904310/15/2012
Anyone know the quickest way to get all the Pokestar Studio medals? (Archived)guwa1010/15/2012
Really, I wish that EVs didn`t exist (Archived)
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'If you were a character from the anime...' (Archived)
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Have you ever bought pokemon games off ebay? (Archived)
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its so inraging that Gothita is girl only (Archived)thesageunowknow1010/15/2012
Man.... I just realized how BA Koffing is (Archived)TwilightPlague210/15/2012
Ariados vs Galvantula (Poll)
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Did I just invite myself to my own Join Avenue? (Archived)
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How does this compare to B/W? (Archived)Curse710/15/2012
Star icon on Pokestar results? (Archived)1338h4x410/15/2012
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