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You can catch a decent amount of special ability pokemon in game (Archived)360pages110/12/2012
Why did I just waste 10 poke balls on a Sunkern with red HP/paralyzation (Archived)Odekerk610/12/2012
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How many C gear skins were there for B/W? (Archived)helldew210/12/2012
Not sure if this is the right board or not but i'll ask anyway (Archived)
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Just beat the third gym, need another special based pokemon (Archived)Darkastral410/12/2012
Who can help me? (Archived)zamudio009210/12/2012
Let's all report Peta to Peta! (Archived)
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Sand veil/snow cloak banned ... (Archived)Chenmaster2610/12/2012
Error code connecting to wifi on pokemon black 2 DSi XL (Archived)TheResidentEvil710/12/2012
Dream World New Pokemon Dolls Passwords in Here (Archived)SDragoon35610/12/2012
keldeo help (Archived)debreas510/12/2012
Who are some competent leads? (Archived)landsharkx619410/12/2012
How is Horsea and its evolutions in this game? (Archived)Dranakin710/12/2012
Dream Radar Ho-Oh (Archived)superange128710/12/2012
Wow, I was totally unprepared for Skyla >_> (Archived)
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>mfw the Thundurus I get from Pokemon Dream Radar is Impish (Archived)
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pokeball near floc ranch? (Archived)khallos14210/12/2012