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Butterfree (Archived)Fei_Ku510/12/2012
Can you remove shops in Join Avenue? (Archived)Marbiaach410/12/2012
When is Smogon going to realize that Pokemon Showdown is a flop? Go back to PO (Archived)
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Can you get Magikarp before gou defeat the E4? (Archived)Naslund72210/12/2012
PWT Pokemon are EV trained. (Archived)crunchy612710/12/2012
What are all the different shops for join avenue? (Archived)leghostbuster410/12/2012
Need help finishing my in-game team. (Archived)rvd2xtreme247310/12/2012
genesect question (Archived)chocolatethndr4410/12/2012
Does anyone know what happens if you complete all the Pokestar movies? (Archived)Jacobh7190810/12/2012
Favorite legendary tournament day 34 (Poll)leghostbuster310/12/2012
Whats with the girl in that room under village bridge? (Archived)kabigon20410/12/2012
Trainer card color? (Archived)neetloaf810/12/2012
RMT and Progress Check-in. (Archived)Brandon042487310/12/2012
help! i have multiple personality disorder and i can not get passed the starters (Archived)
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Okay people... I need some advices about challenge mode ^_^ (Archived)thiaguinhohp810/12/2012
Black 2 won't connect to wifi/Mystery Gift (Archived)drakosrath1910/12/2012
Is there a list of... (Archived)Ghetsis410/12/2012
Garchomp is unbanned. So now I will list the defensive options against sun teams (Archived)
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bout to hit E4. Gimme your advice *ingame team and type coverage advice* (Archived)jschristy410/12/2012
What's the point of potions? (Archived)1337ROX710/12/2012