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*bsshh* May I have your attention please, May I have your attention please? (Archived)
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How are my levels at the moment? (Archived)RainbowSage_63410/12/2012
Wild Tangrowth (Archived)Rupin_Salesman210/12/2012
This is weird, but I like to think this is Hilbert / Hilda's party (Archived)
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Question about RNG (Archived)
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Something seems off about the beginning of this game. (Archived)Number43410/12/2012
Place to level? (Archived)
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Which 2 of these moves should I keep for dragonite? (Archived)American_Eagle0510/12/2012
Is heracross... (Archived)bladedwraith310/12/2012
Deep Sea Scale (Archived)TanyaGD210/12/2012
Was there a Pokemon you once spazzed over as a kid? (Archived)
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Do Zekrom and Reshiram still have the Shiny Lock? Genesect Question Also... (Archived)iSwagX2310/12/2012
What would be a good water type to finish my team? (Archived)scrappybristol710/12/2012
Am I EV training right? (Archived)ZER0197910/12/2012
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Dammit! (Archived)SkaterUB410/12/2012
Sandshrew or Druddigon? (Archived)CharizardFire510/12/2012
How do I complete the Dropped Item sidequest. (Archived)gotohades410/12/2012
Typhlosion has the coolest sounding name out of all Pokemon (Archived)
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So how is Random Wi-fi this go around? (Archived)RisenTerran1010/12/2012