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Your Reaction:Slaking gets Slow Start and Regigigas gets Truant as DW abilities. (Archived)
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Theories on why Foongus and Amoonguss look like Pokeballs? (Archived)XMarioKartProX87/9/2012
General Starter Overviews (Archived)DemiseEnd27/9/2012
So, I've been sick lately. (Archived)
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Are there infinite Round Stones, -izers and Reaper Cloth in this game? (Archived)
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banjo kazooie147/9/2012
What's the worst color in legacy? (Archived)GloryChaos37/9/2012
Where to get blue shards? (Archived)Ninogerrits87/9/2012
Competitive? Casual? or a Mix of Both? (Archived)
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Has Pokemon Online Ver. 2 been fixed yet? I need something to test my teams (Archived)Lezard_VaIeth57/9/2012
You see a trainer walking by with an arceus following what do you do? (Archived)
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did ghetsis turned insane? (Archived)Glitz_yoshi47/9/2012
Drudiggon isn't that bad you know (Archived)
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pokemin disappointements, for each gen. (Archived)paipr37/9/2012
what do you think N hears when he's talking to pokemon? (Archived)
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Elemental Monkey team? (Archived)Baseball4Lyfe8597/9/2012
Best/Worst Region to Grind in? (Archived)
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If Pikachu Holds a Toxic Orb and has maxed unhappiness, it evolves into Toxichu. (Archived)viewmaster_pi107/9/2012
Why does GF introduce fun things each gen, but take them out in the next? (Archived)
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what if; next gen fly/surf change (Archived)paipr107/8/2012
Just hatched another shiny Eevee, 8th shiny of the year. (Archived)pokemon2poker47/8/2012