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So _______ is the most evil guy ever? (Archived)
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If I hack the Reflecting Mirror into my game, will it work on the Kami trio? (Archived)Calwyn77/8/2012
Eusine is a terrible person. (Archived)viewmaster_pi97/8/2012
So I'm behind, but what happened to Lenora? (Archived)gene012947/8/2012
RMT - Normal Monotype (Archived)Moohaha297/8/2012
Mei or May? (Archived)
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How nice. My hacked (but valid) Mamoswine is getting downloads from Pokecheck. (Archived)MrFingers0767/8/2012
My Foonguss (Archived)Jmandal47/8/2012
This game isn't as hard as R/B (Archived)
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why is GameFreak so afraid to make Ethers accesible? (Archived)
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Ingame tiers (Archived)pkmnpkmn17/8/2012
HGSS Rival theme vs. BW2 Rival theme (Archived)
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Is this game hard or is it just me? *spoilers (Archived)
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Better ground type, Sandile or Drilber (Archived)
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C/D they should have just went all the way and given each gym leader (Archived)chaoscatzero47/8/2012
Modest or Timid accelgor? (Archived)warnerbroman77/8/2012
Brock is a genious (Archived)PeteZaHutx97/8/2012
Challenge mode: levels vary? (Archived)Grand_Blue27/8/2012
Should I have my Pikachu with a special attack or speed increasing nature? (Archived)ssj_duelist87/8/2012
If all the starters from the 5 regions fought who wins? (Archived)
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