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Again, the Spiky-Eared Pichu must stay in my copy of Heart Gold. (Archived)Carbuncle00947/7/2012
Undisputed Badass Tournament: Round 14 Pinsir VS Scyther (Archived)
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Hidden Hollow Eevee? (Archived)BlazeAltoire107/7/2012
Hint:Blastoise recommended moves (Archived)
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Shining charm (Archived)thebananabandit107/7/2012
C/D When the Special Attack/Special Defense happened... (Archived)Meta28937/7/2012
Can someone teach some moves to my pokes please? (Archived)EllieGoulding57/7/2012
Inconclusive family tree. Black Briars not adding up. (Archived)
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Carnavine should get a grass/fire evolution (Archived)Wynters38757/7/2012
Ace Trainer blocking my way (Archived)lil_skitty37/7/2012
Who has a stronger team? *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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What if Pokemon was more violent (Archived)
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Out of nowhere I have this sudden appreciation for DPPt (Archived)
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