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Neighbours in DW? (Archived)RudyBeoulve27/6/2012
Black City Counter Blocked (Archived)lil_skitty17/6/2012
Help me choose a final team member, please? (Archived)Dark_Link9257/6/2012
Garchomp shouldn't be a Dragon type (Archived)
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ITT: we post combos we'd like to use, but are impossible/only Smeargle can use. (Archived)
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Game Freak is falling behind with the whole "90% of Pokemon evolve" science (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler227/6/2012
What if this is the Original Dragon? (Archived)
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Is popular opinion still that Gen. II was the best? (Archived)
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Things in the Pokemon series that just don't logically make sense... (Archived)
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Gardenia doesn't get enough love (Archived)ssj_duelist77/6/2012
Hm banjirou is alder's grandson huh?/ (Archived)Shovel_Break97/6/2012
why they tkae away battle factory? (Archived)Wuteng57/6/2012
What would the ancient Egyptians call their own gym leader? (Archived)LegendaryOozaru97/6/2012
Why you SHOULDNT buy the official guides (Archived)
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How do you unlock the different tournaments in world tournament? (Archived)spikethedevil67/6/2012
So you can't get Cubchoo at all till Winter? (Archived)Tales_of_10177/6/2012
ITT: We list things we'd like in another KANTO remake (Archived)
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I just can't seem to get into Pokemon anymore. Help? (Archived)
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How do you initiate the Ruri and Tetsu trades? (Archived)CI25457/6/2012
You think the post game will be canon or not? *Spoilers* (Archived)
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