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Exeggutor (Archived)Rupin_Salesman107/5/2012
Will we find a good use for Soak in the future? (Archived)
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Biggest predicted changes to the metagame? (Archived)GameGuy_531887/5/2012
Is level 80 kyogre still too broken for Ou? (Archived)pkmnpkmn17/5/2012
Why couldnt we face N's entire team and him using his Dragon as his last pokemon (Archived)youngbro47/5/2012
C/D Gen 6 should have only Gen 6 pokemon in the first game like BW1 did. (Archived)pikachupwnage107/5/2012
Non-dragon-type dragon like Pokemon. (Archived)
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think there will ever be a pokemon created that......... (Archived)youngbro37/5/2012
When is new Thunderus going to ubers? (Archived)Mobile_Platform57/5/2012
good and active chat rooms? (Archived)Pkmn86_Breeder17/5/2012
Oddish (Archived)yoshirider1347/5/2012
Why is this board so active if the game isn't out yet? (Archived)
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Wow, really... I don't usually complain about hax, but... (Archived)
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What's RNG? (Archived)TinyTankX57/5/2012
Why Dragons? (Archived)
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Which Pokemon should I use? (Archived)
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Smogon Usage Statistics for June 2012 and Tier Changes (Archived)
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New forms and B/W (Archived)wufei870647/5/2012
Just 2 quick EV questions... (Archived)thiaguinhohp107/5/2012
The route 18 hidden hollow glitched on me (Archived)pkmnpkmn47/5/2012