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So a Friend of Mine thinks Serperior would fare better by being part Dragon... (Archived)
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Sweet mother of Arceus, *spoilers?* battle theme has the be (Archived)
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How does Shiny Kyurem Forms work? (Archived)Jrx177/5/2012
Guide for the Forgotten Item / Lost Item. | Also ATTN: Serebii (Archived)
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Sign here if you found a shiny (Archived)
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Is Pickup any different? (Archived)neb55547/5/2012
New to Pokemon (Archived)
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Do legendaries respawn if KO'd in this game? (Archived)SkittyOnWailord47/5/2012
Coil/Magnemite Loop. - For Join Avenue. (Archived)
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What makes this the best Pokemon game? (Archived)saturn_frogurt107/5/2012
What's your most fun/satisfying strategy? (Archived)
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HOw do you justify which version to get? (Archived)
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What would happen if a human ate rare candies? (Archived)
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Weird thing about BW2 (Archived)coreekymon47/5/2012
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Comparison to B&W. (Archived)Natorni57/5/2012
Stuck on team plasma boat (Archived)zmaster16437/4/2012
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so does anything get any awesome new moves? (Archived)owkenny27/4/2012
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