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Guess my favorite Pokemon 128! (Archived)ChronoCactaur57/3/2012
BANDWAGON TIME. Guess my favorite pokemon. (Archived)
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Does B2W2 have a new way for Meloetta to switch formes? (Archived)Saintpara57/3/2012
When you think about it, we've only really had two monotype champion. (spoilers) (Archived)
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Plasma Ship Puzzle Stuck (Archived)lil_skitty47/3/2012
Kyuremu's Frozen World (Archived)73h_133777/3/2012
Least hot pokegirl (Archived)
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Guess my favorite water mon (Archived)
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Are the musicals still in this game? (Archived)FryDays500067/3/2012
I've decided on my team that I will use in this game. Question inside. (Archived)omegazero9937/3/2012
C/D certain statuses should lower evasion (Archived)pkmnpkmn57/3/2012
Speed Reference Guide updated (Archived)Charlie Supreme17/3/2012
is my pre planned team any good? (for competitive) (Archived)MrFingers0757/3/2012
Guess my favorite Pokemon because I'm jumping in... (Archived)
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need help im stuck (Archived)Cswag37/3/2012
dragon claw and earthquake tm's (Archived)SidMendham166057/3/2012
Do you remember PATRATS? (Archived)themegaman767/3/2012
So Medals are the ultimate challenge now? (Archived)The_Shadow_Link17/3/2012
I wonder what the MC of B/W is doing during B2/W2 (Archived)RobbinZombie97/3/2012
So....what are the chances of the english games being region locked? (Archived)
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