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If/when we get gen 6 what gen 5 pokes you would like a evo/preevo for? (Archived)
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Durant, scizor, and escavalier (Archived)TheSaintG57/1/2012
You can get Shards from Dustcloud Farming? (Archived)POLLY_0187/1/2012
As a general rule of thumb, between Dragon and Ice, do I always pick Ice unless (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X107/1/2012
ITT: What would you do to make Challenge Mode more challenging? (Archived)
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Serebii, can you cover Black City/ White Forest some more please? (Archived)EmptyStar1287/1/2012
Can someone help with the movesets for this team? (Archived)knock657/1/2012
Why do all these stupid Breeders auto rematch you? (Archived)
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does anybody have access to the bw2 tutors? (Archived)ooh_shiny17/1/2012
Double Battles - Viable? (Archived)Legendary_Musas27/1/2012
Sign here if you're playing or plan to play Challenge Mode. (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X107/1/2012
Is it possible to use the dream world on windows 95? (Archived)
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About the Pokevex (Archived)Emerald_Melios67/1/2012
Im looking for someone with a Motor Drive Emolga for trade (I have B/W1) (Archived)ShinobiNinjaX17/1/2012
Going on WiFi Random... (Archived)serenade_beta57/1/2012
Apparently the sewers water level changes by season. (Archived)_Candice_77/1/2012
Anyone else think the guy in charge of the Poke Transfer Lab...? (Archived)
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Lucario used Aura Sphere! (Archived)
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How does Black City work? (Archived)TheEvilCubi67/1/2012
I know its shameful but... (Archived)
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