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does anybody have access to the bw2 tutors? (Archived)ooh_shiny17/1/2012
Double Battles - Viable? (Archived)Legendary_Musas27/1/2012
Sign here if you're playing or plan to play Challenge Mode. (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X107/1/2012
Is it possible to use the dream world on windows 95? (Archived)
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About the Pokevex (Archived)Emerald_Melios67/1/2012
Im looking for someone with a Motor Drive Emolga for trade (I have B/W1) (Archived)ShinobiNinjaX17/1/2012
Going on WiFi Random... (Archived)serenade_beta57/1/2012
Apparently the sewers water level changes by season. (Archived)_Candice_77/1/2012
Anyone else think the guy in charge of the Poke Transfer Lab...? (Archived)
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Lucario used Aura Sphere! (Archived)
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How does Black City work? (Archived)TheEvilCubi67/1/2012
I know its shameful but... (Archived)
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New Pokemon (Archived)Metaun37/1/2012
Mei's animated sprite looks like shes gonna take her shoe off... (Archived)djmetal777107/1/2012
Which One Should I Get? (Archived)akaKLeo97/1/2012
Are Cheren and Bianca really ferris wheel dates? (Archived)
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Covet Move Tutor (Archived)Donniedonz107/1/2012
I just realized, Black/White 2 is the first true sequel since Gold/Silver (Archived)
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Guess their age! Day 6: Sabrina (Archived)
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So what's the Dirty Handkerchief used for anyway? (Archived)
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